Myanmar: Entrance fee update in Bagan and the Golden Rock


Dear All,

To fund the restoration costs and ongoing maintenance of Shwe San Daw temple following the earthquake in September 2016, the Archeological Committee of Bagan will now collect an entrance fee of 2 USD per person from anyone wishing to ascend the temple.

As this decision has been made without prior notice and the 2 USD fee has not been included in our quote, we would suggest that you take the guests to another elevated temple (free of charge) where they can still enjoy a panoramic view of Bagan at sunset. If however, you wish to keep Shwe San Daw Temple in the program, we will add the extra 2 USD fee per person to the final invoice.


Also, please be informed that the Golden Rock Entrance Fee has increased from 1st October to 10,000 ks/pax. Again, no official announcement was made prior to the increase, but none-the-less, we do apologize for this last minute information and will keep you informed if there are any further updates on the situation.