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The Cycle of Life











The primordial feminine creative-preservative-destructive energy, Shakti or Mother Goddess, is considered to be the motive force behind all action and existence in the phenomenal cosmos as per Hindu philosophy. In this special itinerary, connect with the regenerative soil of the land, meet its farmers, devour its produce and marvel at the cycle of life that Shakti represents. Transcending this thought in everyday life is a Yogi who seeks salvation from the cycle of life & death. Delve into Yoga, learning techniques of controlling the mind and body. Yoga is a meditative means of discovering dysfunctional perception and cognition, as well as overcoming it for release from suffering, finding inner peace and salvation; it is the raising and expansion of consciousness from oneself to being coextensive with everyone and everything; it is a path to omniscience and enlightened consciousness enabling one to comprehend the impermanent (illusive, delusive) and permanent (true, transcendent) reality.


Spend six nights in Chhauni Kalan in comfortable air-conditioned tents located in the middle of a citrus farm. The host is a third generation farmer, well read, well-travelled, comes from a family that loves to cook and was featured on Rick Stein's culinary show on India. Every meal is different and ingredients local, farm-fresh. In between yoga and meditation sessions with an expert, explore earthy village life in Punjab. Also visit Amritsar, the holiest shrine of Sikhism – another great philosophical religion. In this thought provoking, relaxed programme, discover yourself!

Day 1      :      Arrive Delhi by International Flight
Day 2      :      In Delhi
Day 3      :      Delhi – Amritsar by flightAmritsar – Chhauni Kalan by surface
Day 4      :      In Chhauni Kalan
Day 5      :      In Chhauni Kalan
Day 6      :      In Chhauni Kalan
Day 7      :      In Chhauni Kalan
Day 8      :      Chhauni Kalan –Anandpur Sahib – Chhauni Kalan by surface
Day 9      :      Chhauni Kalan – Amritsar by surface Amritsar – Delhi by flight, depart Delhi by International Flight

Visit Amritsar, the holy city of the Sikhs and the Golden Temple.
Get to know all about Yoga.
Evening Lectures and interactive sessions with your Yoga Guru.
Experience rural Punjab up, close and personal.
Meet Farmers, visit their farms, get to know about their farming techniques and cycle of crops.
Farm to Fork Experience in a cooking session with your host who is a third generation farmer.
Folk dance performance by local artisans singing earthy, agrarian songs.
Day excursion to Anandpur Sahib; the birthplace of Khalsa (meaning “the pure”) in the 17th century – considered a key event in the history of the Sikhs.

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